Hanover, 21st February, 2024 – TechnoRobotics Ltd is presenting its solutions in collaborative automation at the HANNOVER MESSE Press Preview.

The company is looking to partner with European companies to trial its ‘All-in-One’ solutions for CNC machine applications, such as tending, welding, palletising, and more.

TechnoRobotics’ solutions are addressing the pressing shortage of skilled workers and the immediate need for affordable automation among small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

TechnoRobotics provides products and services that are tailored to meet the needs of SMEs. The company combines advanced hardware with AI-driven, AR-enhanced software and intuitive programming. TechnoRobotics offers guidance throughout the process, from assessing the product’s suitability for the workshop, through financial and safety planning, to actual operation.

‘Our award-winning TeamRobotics® solutions are built on four S’s: Simple, Safe, Smart and Sustainable. It takes just a few days to transition from manual to automated processes – all at a cost-effective rate with a with a short payback period of 12 months. As a result, our customers increase their productivity by two to three times, while reducing the number of health incidents and improving raw material utilisation, resulting in a 10 percent reduction in the error rate. I am proud to say that TeamRobotics® solutions facilitate a more inclusive and diverse work environment, promoting women in traditionally male-dominated roles and opening employment opportunities for people with special needs,’ states Marina Fliamer, founder of TechnoRobotics. She continues: ‘We call for collaboration to test our solutions in the EU. By entering this market, we are opening a huge opportunity to serve SMEs on a wider scale.’

About TechnoRobotics: TechnoRobotics Ltd., based in Israel, is an innovator in collaborative robotics. Its award-winning TeamRobotics® “All-in-One” solutions for smart manufacturing combine advanced equipment like collaborative robots, intuitive programming, AI, and AR technologies with customized services. This enables businesses to improve their processing margins while adhering to higher social and eco-friendly standards. In 2024, TechnoRobotics will release new versions of its solutions, developed according to the core principles of a smart factory: Industry 4.0 Starter Kit and Industry 4.0 Full Solution.

The forthcoming innovations will benefit significantly from employing the advanced programmable logic controller, PLCNext, developed by Phoenix Contact Group.  PLCNext plays a pivotal role in advancing the safety and smart capabilities of a cobotic cell, safeguarding both machinery and human operators. 

Furthermore, PLCNext facilitates seamless integration into Industry 4.0 ecosystems. It   can aggregate, process, and communicate data regarding the cell’s performance, maintenance needs, and operational efficiency. This feature enables better decision-making, predictive maintenance, and real-time monitoring within smart manufacturing settings, aligning perfectly with Industry 4.0 objectives.

For more information, please visit Hannover Messe website and contact Marina Fliamer

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– Stanford University – Leadership and Design Thinking Program

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– MS in Industrial Automation and PhD in Economics from State University of Management, Russia.
– Graduate Center, CUNY – Fellowship, Senior Fellowship.

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